Privacy-first, cross-platform spreadsheet automation

Automate tedious spreadsheet tasks. Available on Web, iOS, macOS and Windows.

Why Tablesmith

Tablesmith is an automation-oriented tool designed to decouple your spreadsheets from your automation processes. This means that Tablesmith is not a spreadsheet editor. When you open Tablesmith, you will see a pipeline builder instead. Spreadsheets are merely the input/output components of a pipeline. If this is confusing, I highly recommend watching the demo video above, which demonstrates how Tablesmith works.

Spreadsheet Automation

Tablesmith offers six stage types: filter, sort, group, add column, update column, and data extraction. You can combine these to form highly complex pipelines. All stage types are easy to understand and configure. You can add them in seconds, and with the powerful formula editor, you can write formulas using columns and variables. Another cool feature is that you can publish your pipeline as a web app. Check out the demos below; they are all real pipelines.

Demo Pipelines

You can run these pipelines without logging in. Download a demo input file first(tracks.csv or tracks.xlsx). Clicking any pipeline will take you to its shared page where you can simply click Run and select the downloaded file. Curious about the pipeline’s inner workings? Just click the Clone button.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send a message now: